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Clarksville Tongue Tie Center

When working with Tongue Tie Center, it was important that we create an identity that was not only calming, but reliable. Through the use of graphic design, web design, photography, and videography we successfully created a logo and website that was informative, relatable, and evoked a sense of trust.

What we did

Identity Design


Graphic Design


Web Design

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Graphic Design & Web Design

A logo grabs someone’s attention, makes a strong first impression, and is the foundation of your brand’s identity. When creating the logo for Tongue Tie Center it was important for us to not only make it memorable but also create a sense of trust that their audience feels when they see the logo. It was important for Tongue Tie Center’s website to be both educational and comforting. Parents seeking the help of a tongue tie specialist are often looking for relief, which is why our web designers created a website that was calming and relatable for parents.

Video & photography

Many people who navigate to Tongue Tie Center’s website are seeking educational information. That is why our team of videographers crafted both testimonial videos and Q&As. These videos are meant to help the audience understand what a tongue tie is, how they affect both children and parents, and how easy and simple treatment can be. Our goal with the videography was to create a warm, welcoming, and reassuring environment for parents to feel comfortable in. It was important that our video’s helped parents know that they were not alone in their journey.