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D&R Hardscapes llc

For D & R Hardscapes, the goal was to develop a consistent online presence that effectively communicates their brand’s message while creating an engaging experience for their customers. We were able to create tailored visuals that are both captivating and engaging. Using those visuals along with unique content writing, we are able to give them a signature look and feel that drives engagement across all social media platforms. With adaptive and responsive design we focused our efforts on user experience to create an engaging customer journey for D & R Hardscapes.

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Graphic & Web Design

D&R Hardscapes came to The Cultivated Co. looking for a fresh redevelopment of their website. They wanted to create a digital space that demonstrated the level of expertise and client care they provide. We provided D&R with the necessary digital tools to position their brand as an industry expert. Their work speaks for itself, but it was essential that their work was well represented on their site. Effectively telling their story and displaying the outdoor spaces they create helps set them apart from other hardscapes businesses. The user experience is clean and simple, with opportunities to start the conversation strategically placed.

D&R Hardscapes Website Design

Video & Photography

The Cultivated Co. wanted to put a modern lens on the hardscaping process for D&R. The idea was to transform a potential customer to an excited one. Video shoots combined with photography sessions provided D&R Hardscapes with many visual assets for their brand.

Social Media & PPC

In an industry that sees many seasonal trends, D&R Hardscapes needed a social media presence that showed off their best work and services. With a perfect mix of still photos, videography, and graphics, their social media accounts are dynamic and engaging for varying audiences year round.

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