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Greenhouse COmfort Spa

As the best place in Nashville to receive a unique combination of traditional treatments and holistic therapies, The Cultivated Co. set out to create a website and social media presence that was reputable, engaging, and informative. Through the use of stunning visual content, seamless web design, strategic social media campaigns, The Cultivated Co. was able to deliver a cohesive message that helped bring in a new audience.

What We Did

Web Design

Graphic Design

Social Media



Graphic & Web Design

As an emerging Spa in Nashville, Green House Comfort Spa needed to highlight all their different services in a clear, consistent and easy to access way. Green House utilizes this website as their main marketing channel for clients seeking services from the spa. The new website delivers the most needed information for consumers and helps make the decision about which service is best for them much easier. After an initial optimization, The Cultivated Co. began to make changes to the website content, links, and images to increase traffic, and to take actionable/measurable steps to convert more visitors into customers.

D&R Hardscapes Website Design

Video & Photography

When The Cultivated Co. partnered with Green House Comfort Spa, we drove to Nashville to capture photo and video content in their spa, which consisted of a variety of services they offer. We made sure we got some footage of massages, facials, and all the unique features that make Green House the best choice for a spa in Nashville. Once we had captured all of this footage, we were able to generate multiple creative assets from it for our advertising efforts. We created a general brand awareness video by utilizing a blend of footage, this video has been great to raise awareness for the university with both potential students and their parents.

Social Media & PPC

Prior to partnering with The Cultivated Co., Green House’s social media presence was minimal and their message inconsistent. Combining ad placements on Facebook with curated content for both Instagram and Facebook, we were able to introduce the unique spa to potential new customers who are already in-market or near-market.

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