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Kimo's Hawaiian Bar & Grill

Understanding the vision and goals for Kimo’s was crucial in creating an engaging experience for their customers. Showcasing their Hawaiian roots was a big part of the overall design process. We developed a web presence that was both attractive and functional. By harnessing the power of social media and cultivated visuals, we are able to highlight their unique message while creating engaging content for their audience.

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Graphic & Web Design

As a traditional Hawaiian inspired restaurant, their Hawaiian roots were not coming through on their website. The Cultivated Co. helped Kimo’s Hawaiian Grill find a new voice and project a new image while engaging with their target audience. Kimo’s Hawaiian Grill had an underdeveloped web presence that wasn’t well-optimized for search – something essential for a local business. Knowing how important it was to the client to create a great user experience as an extension of their customer service, The Cultivated Co. began by ensuring the content throughout their site was helpful, and meaningful for users. Our designers created elegant yet cheerful graphics and selected images that underscored the colorful tropical branding.

Through design, graphics, SEO and copywriting, The Cultivated Co. was able to create a clean, beautiful website that’s focused on user experience and fully optimized for local Clarksville searches.

D&R Hardscapes Website Design

Video & Photography

Kimo’s Hawaiian Grill needed a quick, easy-to-view video that showcased their business and the services they offered that could be used across multiple platforms including social media. The Cultivated Co. team had to communicate the key messages in a short-format video with straightforward content. The Cultivated Co. has produced multiple images and visually-appealing videos with a clear message for the client’s audience.

Social Media & PPC

The Cultivated Co. has managed several social media campaigns focused on specific features of Kimo’s Hawaiian Grill. Our goal was to showcase the versatility and variety they offer into the local Clarksville food scene. By carefully monitoring impressions, reach and engagement, our social media experts were able to key into the right platforms, post types, and times to increase numbers across the board. Over eight months, The Cultivated Co’s social media team managed Kimo’s Hawaiian Grill’s Facebook and Instagram page. During this time, we created daily social media content that was engaging, fun and held an audience including Kimo's Hawaiian Grill news, images and several events.

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