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Martha's Quarry

Martha’s Quarry is a diamond in the rough, located in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Their unique qualities are what makes them a top diving location in the mid-south! But they lacked the online presence that showed how unique they truly are. Through a combination of graphic design, photography & videography, and social media management, The Cultivated Co. has successfully increased their reputation and brand management. Future and current divers are able to browse Martha’s website and social and really get a good feel for what they can expect at the quarry.

What We Did

Graphic Design

Social Media



Graphic Design

With so many different attractions and opportunities, our graphic designers were able to create assets that were truly unique to Martha’s brand. Not only did they emulate the vibe and feel of Martha’s but they were eye-catching and informative.

Video & Photography

Videography and Photography are an influential tool in any brand’s marketing arsenal, allowing them to showcase their company’s features and successes in a very credible and convincing way. The Cultivated Co. was able to create a plethora of photos and videos that captured every aspect of Martha’s Quarry. With a variety of long and short form videos, Martha’s Quarry was able to populate their social accounts and website with these videos.

Social MEdia & PPC

Video can be memorable, emotional, and persuasive, which is why we focused on incorporating a lot of video content within their social accounts. By doing so, we were able to increase their overall audience, impressions, and engagements. We have successfully made their social media accounts a resource for divers.

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