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MowTIme & Britetime

With a clear goal in mind of how they wanted their business to be portrayed, MowTime & BriteTime needed some assistance getting it there. As one of Clarksville’s preferred choices for lawn care and light installations, The Cultivated Co. provided the necessary tools to increase MowTime & BriteTime’s brand reputation.

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Web Design

In order to make MowTime & BriteTime the preferred choice for lawn care and light installations, The Cultivated Co. needed to clarify the company’s services and products. The visual identity needed to be elegant and sophisticated, befitting of the product quality and consumer expectations, while bringing energy and style that stands out from the competition. A new website would help position the company as the preferred choice in their industry. The Cultivated Co. set out to equip MowTime and BriteTime with a new bold, powerful website, and messaging, helping them stand out and reach new audiences.


Through the use of curated photography, The Cultivated Co. was able to capture the wide range of services offered by both MowTime and BriteTime. The images captured are a great tool for both companies to use in order to show potential customers how MowTime and BriteTime can serve them.


The Cultivated Co. really wanted to create visual assets that really showed the quality of work that both MowTime and BriteTime could provide. The Cultivated Co. was able to create short and long form videography that could be used on social accounts or websites.

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