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Sweet Home Realty

Sweet Home Realty needed a website that represented their brand: a reliable and professional real estate firm that delivers the best overall experience for buying and selling your home. The busy firm needed a new website design, wanted to drive online traffic to the site and work on its social media presence.

What We Did

Identity Design

Web Design

Graphic Design

Social Media



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Graphic & Web Design

Sweet Home Realty needed a site to showcase their company, their services and their people. The Cultivated Co. built them a website chock-full of custom features and systems. The new site design has significantly improved user engagement.

D&R Hardscapes Website Design


Strong images give your brand and small business a personality, they show people who you are as a business and what it’s like to work with you. The Sweet Home Realty team needed group and individual headshots to showcase their personal brands.

Social Media & PPC

Sweet Home Realty wanted to build a community for their clients, target those who’d be most interested in using their services, and tell the story of the brand. The purpose of social media management was to spread awareness of Sweet Home Realty’s available and upcoming listings, and, secondarily, drive traffic to the website.

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